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Well I’m excited! I’ve pre booked seats and tickets to go see Elvis the movie tomorrow at the movie theatre.
My son highly recommended we go see it in big screen.
He said it’s incredible how the actor playing the role of Elvis… sounds and sings just like Elvis.
I looked up the trailers and the songs sound frikken amazing!
Apparently the movie goes for 2 n half hours!
Will follow up after I seen movie with reviews.
Here’s a trailer

Well…..we see there before 11.30 am session for movie….ads 20 minutes! We were out by 2.20pm

it’s really good to see stage performance on big screen… it was a brilliant movie and Austin Butler studied Elvis and all his moves/mannerisms for 3 years. Austin sang all the songs too… sounds eerily very much like elvis. He was exceptional.
Hubby and I came away sad as we had heard a little here n there about the financial maltreatment of Elvis and about his failing health in past… but this movie really shows the harsh truth.
I won’t say more but I learnt a lot more about his life. I remember in 1977 when the announcement was made over the radio about his death.
Way too young at 42 but now I know more of why and how.


I intend to go see Elvis even though it has had mixed reviews. Some bag the performance of Tom Hanks. But if you always listened to the movie critics there'd be little to see. :ROFLMAO: