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My next question

Which Avenger is the only one that can calm down the Hulk

The Black Widow. I disagree. But Jericho was abandoned and rebuilt several times. And, clearly we will never know the oldest.

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Oi! You don't get to start answering a new question just because you assume you are right.

Wait until you're called.
I assume nothing. The answer IS Natalia Romanova, or the the Black Widow. The only NON-Avenger to calm down the Hulk was Betty Ross. Since I was going to bed, and have a lot of work to do for tomorrow's march, I thought I would be more considerate of others, and not to have them wait hours for my question. Clearly a mistake

But since you are have been offended, I will gladly withdraw my turn for for breaking the LETTER of the rules.


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I know there are differing opinions over the oldest city, but I went with the answer I was given when I googled the answer BEFORE I asked the question. I don't really want a history debate.

They were both pretty close, so either one could be correct. No one knows for certain, as I have already stated. I have no intentions of giving you a history debate when either could be correct.

Since I have offended someone, and broken the rules, I give up my turn.


Wonder woman

What is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world
I'm saying this is the sort of question that should NOT occur ... all questions posed about antiquity must be carefully considered because so much of the truth is still unknown.

Never ask a question that is open to debate. FAIL.


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Blue Heelers.. gosh that's an older aussie cop show...
Not Wandin Valley...

Never really watched Blue Heelers.....

Snake Gully..?
Sorry Pink, "Wandin Valley" was the fictional location of the hospital, in the Australian series "a Country Practice"(early 80's). And, "Snake Gully" was the fictional town for the Australian series "Dad and Dave"(early 70's).


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Dad and Dave—was there not a very old silent version of that?
Yes there was in 1920. It was called "On Our Selection" with Dad and Dave as the main characters.

There was another very early movie, "On Our Selection" with Dad and Dave as the main characters(1932).