Watched Amber Heard's cross-examination today and there is no doubt she is an absolute total liar


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She claimed 17 times that Johnny Depp bashed her with his fists.

On one of those occasions, Johnny Depp was wearing a cast on his hand from the finger severance incident. Bashing a person with an injured hand is extremely unlikely because it would aggravate the injury and cause a need for further medical treatment. Furthermore, the cast on his right hand was like a mitt so he could not have been grabbing any part of her with that. Her allegation is a lie.

Then she admitted that Johnny Depp wears bulky rings on all of his fingers except the thumbs, but she did not have photographs of injuries consistent with being hit by fists with such rings. In fact she did not have any photographs of any injuries consistent with her allegations.

She alleged her nose was broken twice, and there was no evidence of swollen nose or black eyes which are usually caused by such injuries and she did not seek medical attention on any of those occasions. In fact she never sought any medical attention for contusions, cuts or brusies during her relationship with Johnny Depp.

Now, remember the bulky rings on Johnny's fingers. She claims on two occasions that Johnny Depp committed sexual violence by inserting and manipulating his fingers in her vagina in such a manner as to cause pain and bleeding. If those bulky rings were in her vagina it would certainly have caused some tearing. She agreed she did not seek medical attention after those incidents.

Amber Heard is the epitomy of evil.