The best of Netflix and Stan.


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What have I been watching shows on Netflix :pokes tongue
If you have kids, "Nightbooks" I liked, that kid is a brilliant actor!
Then last night we watched "Superintelligent" with Melissa McCarthy.
She cracks me up. In the beginning, the bean chair scene :smirk


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A really powerful limited series on Netflix, "When They See Us" about 5 young brown and black boys who were falsely and outrageously convicted of a particularly nasty rape and assault in Central Park in the late '80s. Powerful performances and just brilliant social commentary.

Highly recommend.


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You know …. We watched Lost in Space series early last year… and waiting for final… and because COVID and lockdown… said it will come to Netflix 2021. And we are still waiting ….
So since there’s only 3 months left to 2021….I said to hubby… we may as well watch it all again because I’ve forgotten it all now :dunno2
So tonight we started from the beginning.


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Squid Game on Netflix. Chilling. Brilliant.
The story line was great in that it was so different. But I felt the acting was a bit sub par ... but then again, you don't watch squid game for the acting. It's like a car crash ... you know you shoul look away but you can't help yourself.