Problems and test thread


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There is a number which governs the display order.

Aussie is using the avatars of the old board and as the old board will be (eventually) removed have fun with the avatars but I only want high quality, mostly small, smilies. Annie did a great job putting together the collection on the old board but they, on the whole, are rather feminine like this one :smirk so some balance would be nice.

A problem with smilies is they are bigger than text so cause uneven line spacing, not considered good typographic practice.

Something like the “tip the hat” smily :tips hat is high quality and elegant. Google is your friend is neither.


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I find really good talented stuff on Facebook, yet the link to copy and paste in here will direct a person to Facebook, ok if some are in Facebook, but some are not,
So how do I do a link to something for all to see if it’s only on Facebook? Like... is there a different code to put in so all can see it?
Like this for instance...
Um, you've done it.

I'm not on Facebook, but I can see that.


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FaceBook and Twitter both post flawlessly—even a photo in a tweet just copied across (I had selected the whole tweet, was going to go back for the photo—no need!

Now just need to fix cas-ino! (That tricked me for a bit earlier today but the old trick of posting a bit, saving, adding a bit more text until the problem reappeared narrowed it down pretty much.

Have not seen the Error 404 and 403 again!


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I may have a problem, sort of. I was given a link to this board and when i click that I have no trouble.
But when I go through the internet myself, to bring up polanimal and then log in, it isn't accepting my name/password. Or email/password. I'll post this and check out what my name here is exactly. I thought it was sherri but maybe it has a capital. Can't see at present.


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We moved from a phpBB3.3 board to this XenForo installation. I am not going to update accounts on the old bpard—it will disappear soon enough.

So to find this: www.Leaky sewerage pipe,au/Xenforo/
Should that comma be there between com and au?


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Haha, one day. If I get the motivation. I can't complain of lack of time, I am home all day and all night under curfew. I should be getting stacks of stuff done.