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Ah Set - now that one is way too tolerant on following forum rules and moderate properly. Guess we can wait for LNP to run out of money funding these operators.


I will work on a good post or short thread on animal cruelty—did some Googling, plenty info.

The post I wrote only to lose—Error 403—was OK but I felt it was wishy washy, did not make any sort of point.

In cruelty to companion animals, especially dogs, I think a lot of cruelty is lack of adequate exercise and stimulation by owners that are sick or old. Probably never gets noticed let alone reported. RSPCA is maybe too lax in vetting adopters.
Not enough resources: how could you possibly police that?


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Set is ruining OzPol.

All that huge “tiny bit of doxxing” thread was for was to scare people off coming here, hence the post in Feedback. Even if successful it would just send members leaving OzPol to Twitter or Facebook. FD is throwing stones tho living in a glasshouse—the activities of IQ and Neferti and, probably, Body Odor.


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FD, presumably. Less members less advertising revenue. He must think they all come here :ROFL1

Nah, he knows some go to Twitter or FaceBook yet he attacks our Forum! Free advertising as far as I am concerned. Stupid prick, kept asking who I called after IQ defamed me. What a fucking question! That is MY business, that I had to do it was his and he did not do a fucking thing about the doxxing and defamation. I asked the idiot what he did several times—he did nothing. I mentioned several times that the thread was a huge turnoff for potential new members but it is still there.

Going to love the wailing and thrashing around as he has to pay more and more for his shit site.

Like this Mong business—any parent or relative doing a google search and a post from OzPol pops up is going to be disgusted and upset. Nothing was done to nip it in the bud and even Setanta has called me Mong.

Shit management. Shit modding.