Off duty white cop shoots black man and is not arrested ... Fayetteville Man Killed by Off-Duty Cop Was ‘Shot in the Back,’ Says Attorney Ben Crump


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Why are off-duty cops not immediately arrested after shooting people, especially black people?

Fayetteville Man Killed by Off-Duty Cop Was ‘Shot in the Back,’ Says Attorney Ben Crump

Andrew Boryga
Wed, January 12, 2022, 2:44 AM·3 min read

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump announced that he will be representing the family of 37-year-old Jason Walker, a Black man he said was “shot in the back as he tried to return home” on Saturday in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Crump said in a statement to The Daily Beast on Tuesday that Walker was shot less than 100 yards away from his parents’ home.

“We stand committed, with the family and the young son that Jason Walker left behind, to finding answers as to what happened to him when he was senselessly shot and killed by off-duty deputy Jeffrey Hash,” Crump said.

“We have reason to believe that this was a case of ‘shoot first, ask later,’ a philosophy seen all too often within law enforcement. We look to the North Carolina SBI [State Bureau of Investigation] for a swift and transparent investigation so that we can get justice for Jason and his loved ones.”

Off-Duty Cop Who Fatally Shot Black Man Identified in North Carolina

In a tweet on Monday, Crump asked, “Why was this level of EXCESSIVE force necessary?! We need transparency & answers as to why this off-duty officer ended Walker’s life!”

Walker’s family declined to comment for this story. Hash did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On Monday night, as protesters swarmed outside, the Fayetteville City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution requesting the Department of Justice probe Walker’s fatal shooting for possible civil-rights violations.

Fayetteville City Councilwoman Courtney Banks-McLaughlin first brought up the request. “I just want to ensure that they are assisting,” Banks-McLaughlin said during the meeting. She did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Department of Justice did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to the Fayetteville Police Department, Walker, who was Black, was shot and killed by off-duty Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Jeffrey Hash on Saturday after allegedly running into traffic and jumping on Hash’s car.

On Tuesday, The Fayetteville Observer published a recording of Hash’s 911 call immediately after he shot Walker.

During the call, Hash told a dispatcher he was driving his Ford F150 when Walker allegedly came “flying across the road, running.” Hash claimed he stopped so he wouldn’t hit Walker, “and he jumped on my car and started screaming.” He then said Walker pulled his windshield wipers off and started “beating” his windshield.

Hash told the dispatcher he was with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. When asked if Walker was breathing, Hash said, “He is not. He's gone.”

Later, Hash adds that he needs the police to arrive as there were “people gathering.” Hash tells the dispatcher, “There’s tons of cars and people gathering around.”

Those who said they saw parts of the incident unfold have claimed Walker was shot in the back by Hash. At rallies, Walker’s family contested the notion that he ever ran into traffic to begin with.

Antonio Austin
Since the shooting, the city has experienced three consecutive days of protests as activists and community members have demanded the arrest of Hash.

Investigation of the incident was quickly turned over to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. Meanwhile, Fayetteville Police Chief Gina Hawkins said at Monday night’s city council meeting that she has already been in contact with the FBI and said the agency was doing an “initial assessment” of facts, body-camera footage, and statements made by witnesses.

“We are aware of the shooting death investigation in Fayetteville and are in regular contact with local and state authorities,” a spokesperson with the FBI told The Daily Beast on Monday. “If, in the course of the North Carolina SBI investigation, information comes to light of a potential federal violation, the FBI is prepared to investigate.”


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Why are off-duty cops not immediately arrested after shooting people, especially black people?
A lot of civilians are not arrested immediately after a shooting either. The reason is that shooting someone is not necessarily probable cause to believe that they have broken the law. It is not automatic that someone who shoots someone else has broken the law. Before we can decide that the shooting was unjustified, we have to have evidence to believe that the shooting was unjustified.

Shooting investigations take time. Police and District Attorneys don't want to "get it wrong", so their investigative process is deliberative and thorough, and that takes time.

Patience, Squire.

I don't know squat about this case except what's in your linked article. More will come in time.

Based only upon what's in the article, I have questions. Why didn't the driver just drive away? How could he believe that his life was in imminent danger because someone had jumped on his car, torn off the windshield wipers, and was beating his windshield with them? It would be reasonable to think his life might be in imminent danger if he was outside the vehicle with that man, but why was it in imminent danger while he was in his vehicle and the man was outside his vehicle?

This may not be a justified shooting, but we just need to give the investigators time to finish their investigation.


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