LTYC banned again on Ozpolitic 20220516


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I suspect it was either a message about Frank's penis envy or Bobby's homosexual detector.

Sir Bobby

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A whole thread seems to have disappeared.
In it I said something about how I had unmasked LTYC as a homo.


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Bobby, darling, my presence in your 'threads' appears to cause you arousal.

Please clean yourself and zip up.


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I want you to say that you've only been joking about pretending to be a homo.
Bobby's entire fantasy is a joke. Anything can happen in a homoerotic Bobby fantasy when Bobby unzips.

Bobby darling, clean yourself up, zip up, and return to your crypt at Chez Gordon until the mental aberration running in your head terminates.
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I'm a tough guy
Is that why you don't want to come out of the closet? You think that if yo do people will think you're not tough? Ohhh Gooober.:groan

I know a few gays who would beat the shit out of you and not blink an eye. Being tough has nothing to do with your sexual preferences. It's ok, you can come out of the closet now