Israeli Jews and corrupt Palestinian leaders will pocket aid before it gets to the people


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Israeli officials, politicians, and bankers get first dibs at the money as it passes through Israel before it gets to Palestinians.

Corrupt Palestinians like Mahmood Abbas will get second dibs for being obedient to Israel and the US and betraying the people.

The leftover scraps get to the Palestinian people. The USA and the EU know this and do not object to the corruption, and indeed support it by their silence.


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The aid to Israel is not cash that can be pilfered. It is military hardware.

Under the current memorandum of understanding signed between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, that American foreign aid to Israel is spent in America. It creates American jobs, like in the F-35 fighter jet plant in Lockheed Martin Aeronautics of Fort Worth, Texas.

The 2020 request was for $3.8 billion for Israel. All but $5 million was for military aid, not cash. The $5 million was for Resettlement.

Refugee resettlement aid is earmarked for the Jewish Agency/United Israel Appeal to help transport and resettle immigrants in Israel. It was primarily used to help Soviet immigrants in the 1980s and 1990s, and later for Ethiopian immigrants.