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LOLOLOLOLOLO:! Seems Craig Kelly MP forgot to renew his website domain registration.

Friendly Jordies lets us know what it looks like now:



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Ok ... I read this earlier .... Not sure I recall the exact wording but I'll give it a try

An old man and his wife sit at a table at Maccas (for our American friends, that's McDonalds ..Americas greatest export)
The man pull out of his paper bag one burger, one small fries and two napkins. He places one napkin flat in front of himself, and the other in front of his wife.
He cuts the burger in half and places one half on his napkin. He then places the other haldf on his wifes napkin
A young man sitting at the next table watching was shocked to see this, and taking pity on them offers to buy them another meal.
The wife replies, 'no thank you dear, we share everything'
The old man proceeds to take the fries out of the bag, and counts them out sharing them equally with his wife.
The wife starts to eat her burger and her husband sits there watching her.
The young man sitting next to them still can't believe it and thinking the old man is saving his half to give to his wife, offers once again to buy them another meal.
The old man replies, 'No thank you sir, we share everything.'
'But then why aren't you eating?' asks the young man
'Because I'm waiting for the teeth' replies the old man