Djokovic ... ScoMo is still threatening jail time and arrest by an armed, hooded, SWAT team on the court


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The fiasco is getting worse and worse as the Australian Border Farce is miffed they made such a screwup.

ScoMo is that stupid he could make it even worse. What if Djokovic's supporters attack the police and overpower them?

Are we going to see Djokovic arrested on a court in mid-game, knocked to the ground, hooded and handcuffed?

Is ScoMo going to jail Djokovic for errors on his immigration forms? He probably made similar errors every year and it was previously not a concern to ScoMo.

... But former Aussie Immigration Department Deputy Secretary Abul Rizvi claimed officers could just turn up at the tennis court to detain Djokovic if his visa is cancelled.

He told Channel 10’s The Project: “The cancellation notice (would be) taken by Australian Border Force (officers) who usually dress in very, very dark uniforms and often carry guns turning up to Mr Djokovic’s hotel or on the tennis court.”

The Aussie government is reportedly “preparing' a case to deport Djokovic as not booting him out would 'set a dangerous precedent'.

And Immigration minister Alex Hawke confirmed he is 'thoroughly' considering whether to boot Djokovic out. ...