DFAT and the ADF are bungling incompetent clowns ... Australia performed no better than the USA in Afghanistan evacuations.


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The International Coalition, including the USA and Australia, were aware since February 2020 of the need to evacuate Afghanistan by May 1 according to the agreement with the Taliban.

Why was Australia still evacuating its Afghan employees in August 2021 if the end date was May 1?

Scott Morrison is now blowing his horn about the success of evacuations when it was actually incompetence and failure by DFAT and the ADF. Australia had more than 1 year to perform this but left most of the work until after the May 1 end date. If DFAT and the ADF were competent they wouldn't have needed to be evacuating Afghans in August 2021 because they would have completed that activity by May 1.

The chaos and deaths in Kabul are a disgrace to Australia.

From Wikipedia:
"In February 2020, President Trump and NATO allies agreed to formulate a deal with the Taliban, allowing for a formal withdrawal of US combat forces from Afghanistan. Under the terms of the agreement, the Taliban promised "not to allow al-Qaeda or any other extremist group to operate in the areas they control". The deal, titled the "Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan", saw US and NATO forces withdrawing in earnest and set the deadline for a complete withdrawal of US forces by 1 May 2021.[34][35] Trump left open the possibility of a renewed war effort if the Taliban were to violate the terms of the agreement, promising that, if terms were broken, "we'll go back with a force like no-one's ever seen".
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