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Covid-19 in Australia
Active cases *

20.45% fully vaccinated
25.48% 16+ fully vaccinated

35/38 ranked in OECD

Vaccinations going ahead but more urgency is needed. Even if you get the virus as a fully vaxxed personyour chances are so much higher! If we had bought LOTS more of the Pfizer I bet vaxx hesitancy would have been so much less and fully vaxxed rates so much higher.

What happened today, Sunday 15 August 2021
We’ll leave it there for now. Here are today’s main developments:
  • One million extra Pfizer doses are on the way to Australia after the Morrison government reached a deal with Poland. About half of the doses will be sent direct to Sydney, where they will be used to vaccinate young workers in the current LGA’s “of concern”.
  • New South Wales recorded 415 new cases, with four more people losing their lives, including a woman who was fully vaccinated. The chief health officer, Kerry Chant, said vaccination was “not a silver bullet” and that people would need to follow tough new health restrictions to get case number down. The premier, Gladys Berejikilan, said it was almost impossible to eradicate the Delta variant.
  • Victoria reported 25 new cases, including four yet to be linked to current outbreaks. The mystery cases are a serious concern, according to the premier, Daniel Andrews warned it would be a challenge to end the current lockdown unless the situation improves.
  • There were two new cases in the ACT, amid record testing. The chief minister, Andrew Barr, welcomed NSW’s statewide lockdown.
  • There were no new cases in Queensland, which has further bolstered its police presence on the border with NSW.