Brexit downside ... Brexit and COVID combine to leave supermarket shelves empty in the UK


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Boris Johnson is a clown and is even pathetic at that role.

Boris Johnson screwed up and has turned Brexit into a lose-lose scenario.

The Brexit disease is about to nobble the Irish problem as Johnson is trying to backslide on his agreements over creating a EU trade border outside Ireland.

Brexit and COVID combine to leave supermarket shelves empty in the UK
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By Tadhg Enright • Updated: 21/07/2021 - 20:42

Empty shelves at the supermarket

Empty shelves at the supermarket - Copyright Euronews

Brexit and the COVID pandemic are combining to leave some UK supermarket shelves empty, according to the Road Haulage Association.

A shortage of lorry drivers is at the heart of the problem.
It’s estimated the UK has 100,000 fewer truck drivers than it needs. Because of Brexit, new drivers from Europe can no longer come to work in the UK as easily as before.

Many went home during the COVID pandemic and have not returned. And while the country was locked down, the training of new drivers stopped.
It means major retailers such as Sainsbury's and Tesco are warning they are unable to keep all their shops stocked in the way they’d want.
"Their [supermarkets'] number of deliveries decrease over the course of a week, so where they might have been getting five, six, seven deliveries a week that might have gone down to four or five," said retail analyst Bryan Roberts.
"Tesco has already noted that it’s had some issues with food waste as it can’t get it through the system fast enough.

"I think we’ll see lots more of these types of issues in the weeks and months ahead because there’s such a shortfall of truck drivers and that will take a long time to remedy because there are thousands that need to be trained." ...


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What you get for being racist or “nativist” and it was obvious what would happen.