Amber Heard requested a meeting with Johnny Depp after she had been granted a DV restraining order


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This happened in July 2016, about a month after the couple had separated and the restraining order had been issued.

It is evident that Heard asked for the meeting because she was told she wouldn't get the huge payday she was hoping for and she was trying to dupe him into paying out more and not criticizing her.

In that restraining order, Heard claimed to fear for her life, but in the meeting a month later she tells him she loves him and wants to hug him and wants to touch him. Depp rebuffs her attempt to hug him. She also attempts to get Johnny Depp to get into bed with her.

Heard had dated Depp since 2012 and she complained of violence since 2013. After complaining of violence, she still married him in 2015 which is a totally irrational act if she was suffering DV and feared for her life unless she is a thrill-seeker.

Heard received $7 million, plus another $13 million of debt forgiveness.

In contrast, Depp's previous wife received $100 million in an amicable settlement and she still has an amicable relationship with Depp.

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