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Forum names

Post by Aussie »

Mine is pretty obvious.

I have been watching (the marathon) screening by Fox of the Bond Movies. Moonraker on now. I was never I fan, but it is good background noise while I do other stuff.

There it was....on screen. A Black Orchid. I always thought it was a genuine orchid but nah.......So, I did the Google.
The Orchidae Nigra, or Black Orchid was thought to be extinct until a missionary brought one back from the River Tapirapé in Brazil. Held captive by Hugo Drax in an ancient temple, James Bond is told a short story by Drax that the unnamed civilization who built this temple was later wiped out, but unlike many other civilizations that fell victim to war or famine, the doom of these people were for "the love of this flower", and motions to the plant, enclosed in a glass bubble to keep its pollen from spreading. Highly toxic, long term exposure to the orchid's pollen causes sterility. Drax's scientists weaponized the pollen, creating a deadly nerve gas capable of causing instant death to humans rather than sterility. It does not affect animals, insects, or other forms of vegetation, only humans.
Whats sort of wanker would adopt that as their user name?


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Re: Forum names

Post by HBS Guy »


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Re: Forum names

Post by DonDeeHippy »

actually the name suits him... only the opinion of a PC clone mind you.....
Bongalong... for some reason women are just so superior to anything that ever existed or will ever exist!
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