'Which polanimal is worse.'

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Re: 'Which polanimal is worse.'

by HBS Guy » 27 Mar 2020, 18:07

What a waste of a board that shit pit is! Leave it alone, don’t look, don’t mention it.

Re: 'Which polanimal is worse.'

by Aussie » 27 Mar 2020, 17:55

From the sewer. Gordon at his 'best.'

you autistic traitor.
I use the expression 'retard' to describe a person of normal mentality as an idiot. Gordon has a problem that I do so.

BO allows it. If I did that there......I'd be gone. The whole thread is a revelation. Brian is holding his ground well.

Re: 'Which polanimal is worse.'

by johnsmith » 15 Mar 2020, 14:33

pinkeye wrote::bgrin done and dusted
:bgrin home and hosed


:clap :clap

Re: 'Which polanimal is worse.'

by pinkeye » 15 Mar 2020, 06:11

:bgrin done and dusted
:bgrin home and hosed


Re: 'Which polanimal is worse.'

by pinkeye » 15 Mar 2020, 06:09

OHH ? I wouldn't know, because I choose to post here, rather than there (s) because those places are full of fuckwits. You can't actually talk about anything, from memory, without some arsehole coming along and taking over the topic for some deadshit idea of fucking people off.

Now I ask you, where would you rather post , if you are not a fucking arsehole,>>?? HMMM????

I KNOW.. it is here.

Now all you lousy cunts from elsewhere … well enjoy yourselves,, :roll

Oh and I ONLY POSTED THIS so that every topic I have been interested in , has ME ..pinkeye.... as the last poster . :bgrin

Umm except for this topic of course, 'cos you know what I think about the morons on the OTHER. :bgrin

Re: 'Which polanimal is worse.'

by Redneck » 14 Mar 2020, 14:18

This one certainly is the deadest!

:rofl :rofl :rofl

Re: 'Which polanimal is worse.'

by HBS Guy » 12 Mar 2020, 19:48

Cupcake aka Petticoat owes me a damn big apology!

Here Members has like 10% of all posts—the sewer______?

Here you can say what you like in the language you like—fuck, cunt, arse, no need for “farq off” and similar crud (OK, that is OzPol, the sewer is even stricter if I am to believe (or approve) crap like “Body Odor cleaned the place up.” Sounds like deadening censorship to me!

We have rightwing (even religious RW which is deadly) and leftards posting here.

Very very few are banned from here and those on the permanent ban list did a LOT to earn their place there!

No contest!

'Which polanimal is worse.'

by Aussie » 12 Mar 2020, 19:46

Cup Cake started a Thread at OzPol on that. He was referring to here and the sewer. FD has deleted the Thread.

Please feel free to continue it here, Cup Cake.