Why does the NRL feel so SPECIAL?


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and SO friends... here we are again.

For some inexplicable reason ( to me ) all these footie crews, of whatever persuasion have been given special leave to PLAY. And they , and their crew, wives, kids, hangers-ons etc get that too. They fly interstate and have special leave to do so. Why?

WHY? I have no idea. Like the majority of aussies, I couldn't give a fuck about ANY code of football. BUT STILL they managed all this special treatment. WTF.? Ahh you see.. it is the money.. governments on the East Coast have caved to the pressure of Mr RUGBA LEEG.

Because lots of fat fuckwits want to sit around drinking beer and arguing about footy..?? Seriously.?
Nah this is so suss.. and the entitled behaviour of some of these footy players, and THEIR coaches and hangers-on...??

NO .. it is just totally fucked. These self-entitled fuckwits,, get to go against all proper advice, because ?? don't ask me.. I'd prefer not to hear a word , on SPORT NEWS about these scumbags.. they should be banned from playing. BUT NO... special treatment all the way.

So we have W Bennett and A Langer... Queensland LEGENDS !!!! in clear breach.. of the rules, which were very specific to footie ( FFS) .

Bennett in particular, was a total embarrassment.. what a lying piece of work HE IS.! He claims IGNORANCE.. HE IS CONFUSED..!! Seriously??

I find that the culture of football ( by these men, in particular ) in Australia is shown up for what it is. Compromised by the fact that their heroes are ALL disrespectful of the RULES THEY AGREED to.
Bennett should be sacked and never seen again... and Langer.. his mates should go and keep him company.. fuckwits.


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OH that goes for all the other so-called sportsmen.. whatever their code.

I DO NOT WATCH these punks.


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This whole Rugbaleeg AFL etc comp is just sickening.

I know you don't care .. I do watch TV here in QLD... Half of the NEWS time is taken up with morons and football.

I just get angry at these young cunts living high on the hog... doing whatever they like for MONEY.. when most people have no such chance.
Personally.. they should all stop. They SHOULD HAVE STOPPED back in MARCH. THIS is so precious.
. these players.. who cry when they lose ( I'm just commenting on News I have seen, and been disgusted by. ) Give a fuck..?? Not me.. but for all the other people.. these young men are much TOO privileged. That is a fact. Nothing in my mind says FOOTBALL, whatever the CODE, gets to carry on, ... Nah.

They have to understand.... AS DO THEIR SUPREME LEADERS ... Langer, Lockyer, Meninga, Bennett and the rest of the special people.

+ see there is a very BIG gap here... I see no way Langer, and Bennett HAVE ANY EXCUSE. If you watch fta TV it is inescapable.. I turn to somewhere else..
I despise this football wetdream... but I feel compelled to comment, when it gets stuck down your throat, whether you like it or not. i normally turn over when any sport comes on.. because it's almost always about young buffed men biffo-ing over a fucking ball. This is entertainment.? Not to me.

:rolleyes: Drop dead and die.. ooops sorry bit of a brain explosion there.

Get poor and live on the streets.. that is fairer.
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I despise modern sport, it is a business not sport. “Sports” people are lousy role models.


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The St Louis Cardinals’ baseball game against the Chicago Cubs has been postponed after another St Louis player tested positive for Covid-19.

The Cardinals have been off since last Friday, when two players returned positive coronavirus tests. Eight players in total have tested positive, including star catcher Yadier Molina.

Amazing what money and self Importance will do hey ?


Makes me sick.. all you hear about sport on the ABC is ….the NRL are in talks to...,.

that dick PK..on ABC Breakfast seems to think no other sport exists. He is so BORING and I couldn't care less if the NRL had to start from scratch.
THEY SHOULD ALL be SCRAPPED. They don't deserve their pay.

All these demands and expectations they espouse as their right.. to PLAY NRL... :roll PILE of CRAP.
You just have to look at their reps to realise this is a seriously fucked code of football.

Fuck me dead.. the code is full of criminals rapists, corruption, drug abuse, domestic violence, and now two dickbrains go have a camping party, shooting guns etc,, WHY..??

because they are so special... !! :huh :WTF

doesn't sit well with me that the NRL gets to tell Australia when they will DO WHAT THEY WANT.! As ever.

SACK the whole league, and let the good, not the scum, rise to the top. Otherwise they can fuck off forever.

They have to lift their game. Scumbags the lot of them.
Its all about army recruitment: the standing armies of the world run off contact sports.


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F your lame: 🤸
sorry milesawayonaholiday.. if you want to say you are lame.... or fuck you are lame, but you want to shorten it,( as all aussies do ) and in line with normal english...

it would be
fuck you're lame. You are................... is shortened to you're .. NOT your.
The ' stands in for the a in are.. so you get............. you are............. becoming you're..

like....... don't .(.the ' the apostrophe as it is called) , stands in for the o in do not.... don't....

Your means something else entirely.

I noticed someone actually used too correctly .. somewhere or other...

hey I just have a picky brain...

if I can possibly help people to communicate more effectively, I get the urge to try and help. Better comprehension of how this english language works would help many people.

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I actually had a page describing correct usage often gotten wrong:

to, too, two
there, their
your, you’re
proper use of apostrophes in contracting words and in indicating ownership incl words ending in ‘s’
—what can and can’t have ownership: hill side not hill’s side
it, its, it’s

At some stage I must have decided it was superfluous and deleted it.


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yeah I just get a bit picky because , well, it is wrong, and written expression is a skill which is not helped by ignorance. I can't speak to much at all really.. I don't have a second language.. maybe a bit of french and latin,.. but oh well..

people will or won't learn ..as they choose. Sometimes it is good to have something absolutely finite, and precise, to rest in.


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I have some Dutch.

I can make the page up again—Politics should be written in very good English.

I cannot abide stupid ‘u’s tho: color, valor etc not colour, valour‚ bah! Poxified English!