Who wants to NOT be a millionaire quiz!


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I must have missed the answer for VHS Seth.

Quick Response Force.
Sorry, Pink. I forgot to check this thread. Guess what?

You win!!!!

Technically, a QRF is a Quick Reaction Force, but Quick Response Force is so close that I am declaring you the winner.

Now, about the bonus question ...

Humvee comes from the military initials given to their name for this vehicle. It is a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). Apparently, it became the norm to drop the sound of the W and just refer to it as a Humvee.


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Acronyms everywhere


This is a question that is easy for people from the Antipodes.

What is a DAG,? :)

and as it seems we have bonus questions as well?

well I'll reserve that.
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