Who wants to NOT be a millionaire quiz!


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The very last person around these parts to get to make a Rule unilaterally is Redmond. He is lucky he is allowed here.

That thing has two functions. As pictured, it is fitted with a sewing needle used to dip in glue and then you dab a small spot of glue in the very tiny places glue has to go.

Second function. Remove the needle and put in a precisely sized very small drill bit. You have to fit tiny lugs into tiny holes. Sometimes, the holes are too small for the lug to go in, so you use the drill to make that hole a tad larger. We are working in very small scale here. The smallest drill bit is .08 ml., largest is 3 ml.
how utterly fascinating . :Hi
you strive for a perfect model..? of things like Planes or Tanks..??

Where do these tiny things reside Aussie.? what tiny things are your joy ..?


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3000-odd kilometres. Cannot dredge up the exact figure from the recesses of my mind.
australia is more than 3000 km's wide !!!! I know it's in the 10,000 km range either 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000 becouse the metre was supposed to be 1 millionth of a global measurement done by the French in the 18th Century....