Veterans Day


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November 10th was the 245th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps.

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November 11th is Veterans Day.

I salute you all, past and present. 🇺🇸


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Are these the same people Trump insulted?

Trump likes the ones who didn't fall and were smart enough to avoid being drafted.


That's Kings Park, in Perth.

Just a couple of kilometres away from my place.

That flame was lit by the Queen.
I've been there for some massive ANZAC days: don't they think we've had some of the biggest?

Whatever, Seth: the view from there over the Swan River and the city is awesome mate! It certainly pays to reflect on the fact people died for others to live in peace... War is futile!


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Some generals should have been shot! The US Civil war showed that attacking troops in entrenchments was a bloody and usually unsuccessful affair, yet that is what the Brits did in WWI! In the Civil War an entrenched division was worth five attacking ones. WWI had barbed wire, not abatis, much quicker to put in place plus the machine gun. In the Civil War it was not the officers who took to digging entrenchments but the ordinary soldiers. I know, from my reading, that the “Prussians” and French and English armies had observers there. Remember the stupidity of officers increasing the death tolls of wars!


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Reading some diaries of Confederate women. One had to let go her “servants” or they left so she had to do the housework herself. She wrote that she felt so very tired all the time. She did NOT write that she wondered if her “servants” felt tired all the time doing the housework for her.


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War veterans are among the most least likely people to glorify war.
Reinventing English ... "most least".

Their participation and presence in war remembrance ceremonies glorifies war.

If the civil war, American Indians, and Mexicans are included in the count, Americans have killed more people than any other country.

It is arguable that the USA has killed more people than the next most heinous genocide perpetrator, the UK.

"Indigenous people north and south were displaced, died of disease, and were killed by Europeans through slavery, rape, and war. In 1491, about 145 million people lived in the western hemisphere. By 1691, the population of indigenous Americans had declined by 90–95 percent, or by around 130 million people."

+ ~130 million American Indians;
+ indeterminate number of American civilians and > 800,000 military personnel during the civil war;
+ ~1 million Japanese civilians by nuclear weapons;
+ > 1 million Germans after WW2, POWs and civilians;
+ indeterminate number of Japanese POWs and civilians after WW2 Japanese surrender;
+ ~3 million Koreans;
+ ~3 million South-East Asians;
+ indeterminate number of Serbian civilians;
+ > 1 million Iraqis;
+ indeterminate number of other Arabs.
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Why are living not honored? They are the winners.

Remembrance days should also honor those who opposed war.