Wonder woman
Took it's time.
I've been expcting this rain a month or two earlier....

I predicted a BIG WET would come this summer, last year, but jeez it took it's time. Best rain here in years and years, but not good for everybody.

It amazes me that people choose to build homes on flood plains... and why Councils and State Governments not only allow it, but encourage it.

People, like gladys claim this is unusual... people don't seem to understand that this is JUST THE BEGINNING of the future for us all. It will become an every year event... or more... as climate change accelerates.


Wonder woman
Been out using a shovel to try and encourage the rain run-off in the right direction.
All good BUT I wonder about our friends in the region.

Hope you are all safe and high and dry.


Captain Bullock
Staff member
it probably depends on whether or not you have to work in the rain :doh
People here in wet western Oregon don't even think about it. We throw on some Gortex and a hat and go to work. One thing I never see around here is an umbrella. ๐Ÿธ


Head Honcho ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’‰
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Tassie has lots of rain, west coast can get up to 1500mm/59" a year.


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After your droughts, fires, and dried up rivers, I would think you would be happy for rain. Let it rain!

Thing is, it;'s a bloody big country. The rain tends to go where it's not as needed as other parts. The rest of us just sit back and watch it all go into storm water while we ring out our water bottles, burn our cattle and run from bushfires.