Morrison defends mostly peaceful protesters - the left loose their minds!


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Have we forgotten what the Australians marching in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are protesting against? CHOICE AND FREEDOMS! Or, are these concerns less important than the media contrived misrepresentation of the crowd's behavior and intentions?

In the Brisbane march Saturday, we even had "guardians"(security), to protect us from those willing to stoke the media's already prejudicial narrative, about people willing to stand up against this blatant governmental overreach.


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so if I can't name them that proves me wrong somehow? :ROFL1:ROFL1:ROFL1FMD you're an idiot.
I didn't ask you to NAME them. You could have said which GROUP. But the problem for you is you have no idea which group was doing what and you're just lumping everyone in together! The FACT remains - it was a mostly peaceful protest.


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ou could have said which GROUP.
Is that you're tactic to try and claim deniability? to try and split the same bunch off protestors into different groups?:ROFL1:ROFL1:ROFL1:ROFL1 Were they colour coded or something? Did they have different uniforms? How do you know who is in what group or even what the groups are exactly? As far as I'm aware, they were all there protesting the one thing so it was ALL one group.


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how would you know who was supporting the gallows? Did you ask them?
Innocent until proven guilty. You've now made it clear that you're such a ridiculous, illogical fool, that you were not exclusively talking about the ones who were carrying the gallows, but that basically anyone who was there is guilty of supporting the gallows unless they can be determined to be against it!