G7 to act on AGW


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The G7 communique is worth a read. The leaders of the UK, US, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Canada describe climate change as an “existential threat”. They have committed to collectively cut emissions roughly in half between 2010 and 2030 – in the ballpark of what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggested developed countries would need to do to keep a post-industrial age temperature rise of 1.5C within reach.

They say dealing with the problem requires a “green revolution” that involves not only cutting emissions but funding global adaptation, halting and reversing biodiversity loss and creating jobs through both “policy and technological transformation”. The pledge on net zero emissions is now to reach it “as soon as possible and by 2050 at the latest”.

It means significant action before 2030 is vital. All G7 governments have increased their targets in recent months, reflecting a pledge in the Paris agreement to ratchet up commitments. The emissions reductions promised by the US, UK and EU are now double that proposed by the Morrison government. More policies are promised before Cop26.

Australia is still bleating about coal {sigh} Digging holes in the ground is all the sizzling intellects of the Lib and Nat MPs can think of! What about encouraging investment in windmill parts or solar panel parts leading to eventually making windmills and solar panels on a huge scale? Or something. State premiers, esp Vic & SA, can invest in some things but other investments need a national focus.


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I'm glad you brought up rubbish which is a growing problem, and more so as the third-world develops and reaches the level of rubbish generation of countries like Australia and the USA. Not to mention the rise of demand for resources by third-world economic growth which further adds to AGW causes.

The G7 meetings and agreements is political theater to dupe the masses. These leaders don't want changes that will disrupt economies.

The G7 leadership doesn't care if the world is unlivable in 4 decades because that is far outside their tenure in office.

If the world rises to US and Australia garbage creation levels of 4.54 kg/person/day the level of garbage production will reach 12 billion tonnes per year. That is without even considering sewage which will mostly discharge into the oceans.

"The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, with at least 33 percent of that—extremely conservatively—not managed in an environmentally safe manner. Worldwide, waste generated per person per day averages 0.74 kilogram but ranges widely, from 0.11 to 4.54 kilograms."
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But at the same time as poor nations get richer the fertility rate drops and that is good!