Emma Peel is dead/Vale Diana Rigg


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I never realized she was the sassy old lady from game of throne's, one of my favorite characters... it all went downhill after they bumped her off.



No sandy can't be dead... It's a sad loss......
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What a masterpiece of television that was... I watched the movie version: yeh, not bad!

Then it was Doctor Who: sweet as!

That's memories for ya 🤸🏌🤾🤾🤾🤾🤾🤾🤾🤾


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There is a new series of Monkey on ABC (I think ) that the kids watch ... different actors. I've watched a few episodes with them, I don't think it's anywhere as good as the original series but the kids seem to like it


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I was an adult when Monkey first came on . Totally amazing. No reprise could match the original Piggy and Monkey and he of the skulls, and of course the buddhist Monk ? a female..

Mindblowing... in a GOOD WAY. :)