Confirmation not to trust M China


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As I’ve mentioned on site, that were ever I’ve traveled overseas, I always mention to locals not to trust the Chinese govt.

I always mentioned that the aid is simply a temporary benefit that population will suffer in the future. Either thru being indebted to them or due to their own corrupt govt.

It appears even our own govt trust doesn’t trust the Chinese govt!

How Australia defied global health authority on coronavirus

Why was Australia ahead of the world in acting against the virus? For the simple reason it didn't trust the World Health Organisation, which it believed was succumbing to China's pressure.


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Chinese Chernobyl?

I subscribe to a technology newsletter called Stratechery, and its editor Ben Thompson had an interview this week with another newsletter publisher, Bill Bishop of Sinocism, which is about China. Bishop lived in Beijing for 10 years and has a lot of good sources there apparently.

It’s not worth republishing the whole interview, but here's a section worth reading. It’s in answer to a question from Ben about whether this is China’s Chernobyl, that is whether it will shake confidence in the Government:

Bill Bishop: "There is a lot of anger about how the beginnings of this outbreak were handled and how there were the eight folks including at least one doctor who died who were reprimanded for posting in a WeChat group for medical professionals at the end of December that there was something like SARS going around Wuhan. And then obviously there was a bit of a coverup, there was a period where no new cases were announced, people went about their daily lives in Wuhan when other people in the Chinese system were aware that this virus was a real problem. And so there’s a lot of anger about how it was handled at the beginning.

What you’re seeing though, where I think it’s not the Chernobyl moment, is that actually the PRC and the CCP are still a highly functioning system and Xi Jinping and the Communist party have spent decades learning the lessons of the fall of the Soviet Union and specifically, Xi has one quote from a few years ago where when he analyzes why the Soviet Union fell and Gorbachev failed, was that no one was man enough to stand up. So I think what we’re seeing now is the propaganda is in overdrive. The entire system, every sort of facet or component of the CCP in the PRC system has been mobilized. And, they clearly have made, I think, a lot of progress against this virus. Even yesterday, Xi Jinping held a teleconference for 170,000 cadres and made it very clear that the battle’s not won yet, but they’re making progress.

But I do think what we’re going to see out of this is there are a lot of people who are pretty pissed off. There are people, especially when the doctor, Dr. Li Wenliang, died who were pissed off, but the propaganda organs, security services, they’re all going to be working in concert to, on the one hand, spin this as this great and glorious victory for the superior system of Chinese socialism under the leadership of Chairman Xi or General Secretary Xi, and at the same time, the security services will use whatever course of necessary measures necessary to silence and clean up anybody who would sort of try and argue with that narrative. And so I think that in many ways it could have been a Chernobyl moment, but I think the odds are that the CCP is actually going to pass it unlike what happened in the Soviet Union. Early on, I said this looked like an existential crisis. And I think, you can survive an existential crisis. I think this is the biggest crisis that the party has faced in many decades. But I think there’s a reasonably good chance that they’ll be able to come out of this declaring victory and, and being able to convincingly declare that victory both using effective propaganda and what they call public opinion management and control as well as bringing to bear whatever needs to be brought to bear on the coercive side.

The reality is if this virus really takes root in South Korea, Japan, or other countries, a couple months from now, we may look back and especially in China and people say, “Hey, you know what, actually we did a pretty good job.” Right? And so it’s just this thing spreads globally. It actually benefits the party."


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A newly formed pro-establishment group has started handing out 1 million masks that the Shenzhen municipal government donated to Hong Kong to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak amid shortages locally, but recipients need to provide personal data to receive them.

Opposition parties expressed concern that addresses and phone numbers being collected would be passed on to authorities in mainland China or pro-establishment parties to use in the lead-up to legislative elections in September, but the group, Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link, on Wednesday insisted the information was simply for delivering the masks.

Pro-establishment figures such as former health minister Dr Ko Wing-man, academics and medical experts set up the group.
It began to hand out the 1 million surgical masks donated by the Shenzhen government last week to those who had registered through its online platform, which required them to reveal their contact numbers and addresses.

But Sumly Chan Yuen-sum, a Civic Party member and chairman of Tsuen Wan District Council, said dozens of residents complained to him that they had not received any masks after registering with the group.

“I suspect the data being collected was not for masks delivery,” he said. “It may be passed on to the mainland authorities or pro-establishment parties to prepare for their election campaign.”


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This following question to some may have inference of racism to possibly a number of posters.

When the news reported that the school kid that attended the Epping school is from a known coronavirus family that should be self isolated.

Is this an area of Sydney that is predominantly populated by people originally from mainland China?

It wouldn’t surprise me that the mainland Chinese students supplement their income by raiding the retail stores for supplies that they on-sell to a forwarding business, that sells the products at exploitive prices.

It is time for our police force to confiscate essential medical goods from these stores and compensate them with its original retail price.
Hopefully, making these establishments unprofitable!

It appears that excessive implementation of multiculturalism has changed the behaviour of the easy going Aussie!

I never known people from Singapore or Taiwan to behave like these M Chinese!


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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The mayor of a Prague district on Monday (Aug. 31) fired off an angry letter in response to a threat by a Chinese "wolf warrior diplomat" that Czech Senate speaker Milos Vystrcil would "pay a heavy price" for his ongoing visit to Taiwan