AGW and stone and pome fruits


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As the globe warms, 1°C since 1980, with warmer winters stone amd pome fruits may not get the chill hours they need to set fruit in spring.

This article discusses some ways to increase bud and leaf set as winters warm:

Chill hours aka chill units are the hours where a tree experiences air temperatures of -1–7°C (30–45°F.)

Good site for general fruit tree information

Peaches, cherries, apples and pears are the main crops involved. Some apples do not require many chill hours, Granny Smith needs only about 400 chill hours but most apple trees require 800-1200 chill hours. At my new block I need have no worries about lack of chill hours!

As well as bud break AGW poses a problem for pollinators already stressed by monoculture, GMO and parasites. Most apple trees require pollinators. Wheat and tomatoes will be OK because they are wind pollinated. What a world we will hand to the next generations!