60 minutes and federal labor leader removes Adem Somyurek!


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Wow, I don’t usually watch 60 minutes, but last night, huge corruption revealed within Labor. I suppose a link is required?


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I didn't see it all, only the last few minutes. Disgraceful behaviour. Glad they sacked him. Andrews should probably also sack a couple of others but he's probably going to need a little more proof than a 60 minutes reporters claim.

Branch stacking is rife in boththe labor party and the libs. I'm not sure how they can stop it. There was some suggestion on tv that they should look at possibly having all new members assessed by an independent party. But I'm not sure how they'll work, if it'll work at all.


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ohh looky, it's the libs turn
Victorian Liberal Party investigating potential branch stacking after audit finds more than 20 irregularities

The Victorian Liberal Party is probing potential branch stacking in its ranks, in the wake of state director Sam McQuestin finding membership irregularities during an audit.

Branch stacking is when people are recruited into a branch of a political party to influence who is pre-selected as an election candidate.

It is banned by the major political parties.

Senior Liberals are worried about potential membership issues in Melbourne's western suburbs.

Last week Mr McQuestin completed a regular review of membership renewals for the recent financial year.

Among the audit were more than 20 irregularities.

"This review has found a small number of possible breaches of the party's rules around payment of other members' fees," Mr McQuestin said in a statement.

where was 60 minutes with this one? :headscratcher1